Resolvconf disappeared, can't reinstall

When I try to reinstall resolvconf, I’m told "could not resolve ‘’

Please help

You could try adding the following line to /etc/hosts to have a work-around for not resolving:

If that doesn’t work, you could download the .deb. on another computer and transfer it by USB stick then install it with dpkg -i.

As root, echo nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf
You probably don’t need the resolvconf package, but since you managed to uninstall it, you may have broken something else…

But change it back (delete the line) afterwards.

Likewise if adding lines to /etc/hosts

Another hack solution, if you have an HTTP proxy running elsewhere on your local network, may be to specify apt to use the proxy.

Certainly if you’re going to reinstall the resolvconf package, you’ll want to remove your override (and may need to do so before dpkg can actually do the install).

Personally, I don’t like packages like resolvconf, as I don’t want packages changing my settings… If that’s you, I wouldn’t recommend using long term, as it’s a google run one, but what IP you should use depends on where you are. All my local machines use, which is an OpenWRT box (and in turn has an upstream dns server).

The one I am sitting on at the moment is using (!) which means that

the actual DNS server settings will change dynamically but you won’t see that in /etc/resolv.conf although in my case the DNS server upstream from should never change and will be a local (LAN) DNS server, which in turn has its upstream DNS servers.

resolvconf is apparently not installed. The above behavior on my computer comes from systemd-resolved.