"Responsive" applications when plugged on a screen?

Hello Purists,

Each day makes me closer to backing the Librem 5 too. It would really free me from the dilemma I have (currently iPhone user, rather by default than because I fully trust Apple), so first: thanks Purism team for your great work!

Before getting privacy aware, and before Microsoft killed them, I had some interest for Windows phones. One of the interesting features Microsoft tried to push was UWP with Continuum. TL;DR, it was a way to plug your smartphone on a desktop screen, a keyboard and a mouse, and you would have had your mobile apps with a layout more adapted for bigger screens.

Maybe this topic is a bit advanced given the status of the project, but:

  • Will Purism try to work on something similar with the GNOME Foundation and the KDE Community?
  • Would the applications be the same on “mobile mode” and in “desktop mode”? To me this is something that could be integrated as low level as GTK and Qt, wouldn’t it?
  • Will there be a need to use different applications for the different “modes”?

Maybe a bit off topic, but definitely something that would interest many people: does Purism think of producing a Lap Dock à la HP Elite for the Librem 5? Having my phone as my main computer, and the ability to work on a full sized hardware keyboard with a bigger screen, all of it in my backpack, would be fantastic.

Before going to flamewar: of course this would be for next iterations, as the team already has a lot to do to launch the Librem 5 even as a MVP :slight_smile:


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That’s what they mean when they talk about “convergence”, is one of the main goals of the Librem5.

Ubuntu Touch came close enough to the objective before giving up, but it could serve as a reference.

yes, convergence would be a really great feature for librem! I use a lot my win 10 phone (lumia) with BT-keyboard/mouse combo, and my home TV (via microsoft wifi/continuum dongle). just great!
I hope, that librem will support some kind of chromecast.