Responsive Gnome Mockups Review - Convergence

Hi all,

saw a review of the mockups of responsive gnome by Tobias Bernard or what seems to be phosh on youtube.

To me this looks very well thought and might be what convergence for a librem 5 or any mobile device will be in the end.
I like how the mockups use sliding from the sides to reach certain menus (calendar / notifications) very fast, as it was also done in ubuntu touch I think.

I think this has a lot of potential and as it seems that phosh is currently implementing these mockups this looks very promising to me to be the next gnome.

The only thing I am not sure is tiling - but let’s see how this will figure out - this seems to be a thing among some people :smiley:

What do you think?

As a long time tiling-wm user (i3, sway, lipstick[sailfishos]) - I think this is natural and well thought :slight_smile: the only thing I’d rather be grateful for is if super key would not bring task switcher but just display status and act as hotkey-modifier (as in i3/sway - to be keyboard friendly). Task switcher could be left for swiping gesture. after all - all my laptops are having touch screens and are tablet-convertibles so gesture-friendly shell is a dream coming true :slight_smile:

looks good ! let’s see what evergreen brings …

I’m confused about the tiling and don’t fully understand how it is supposed to work efficiently with a mouse/keyboard or how the apps in different places are supposed to switch places or be minimized.

In addition to that I’m a fan of tiling window managers, but having them without workspaces on a desktop is incredibly inefficient. If phosh would get tiling window management without workspaces I’d rather have a standard floating window manager when the phone is docked.

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