Revelations about Vulkan/Cyberwarfare

A fascinating exposé from The Guardian.

Further analysis.

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Well, well well, so the Russians have their own version of Mitre and other beltway bandits!

I suppose they need to make a profit somehow, (not that I’m in favor of it) the Russian economy is losing money out the wazoo.

Presuming after the war (and the Russians lose), I imagine they’ll be put through the ringer with a “Euro” clearing system to pay of their debt. (Like the Ruble clearing system after WWII, imposed on the losers in the East bloc of Soviet influence.)

For my taste… there are not enough exploits recorded in the Wilde, and no vault with exploits on Wikileaks or the Darknet yet.

However i think this is true or might be true. But since we seen too much interest groups throw dirt on each other and lie about each other. I think this is just a statement to throw off the insecurity coming from A.I. development and say look, these hackers are from country opposite…

Sad to say, i think we have none country call the truth cause its already too complex for humans, because of a lost on trail in history. Most wars and history was behind some curtain, and now everyone lost track to legitimate usual operations on cyber and military.

This way we already lost democracy and do not have it on our screens. We need to take that back and the trust into politics and opposite countries and humans. But i do not see a way right know how this can happend. 2020 i thought the use will get that over climate politic chance worldwide.

We just could spend free knowledge, resources and information access. Like Water, Solarpower, Windpower, Internet and Computers with free open Source software. However extracting A.I.s or IT-Hardware will do not a favor for democracy an knowledge transfer… :confused: Its Complicate.

So if you are young, learn to know Speech and how to read and write it, an important humans from around the world in personal.