Right to Repair Legislation


Interesting CBC (Canadian News) exposé on Right to Repair Legislation for owners of computers/cell phones. Focuses on how a certain company thwarts efforts and abilities of consumers to carry out repairs on their own devices… How repair parts are kept out of the hands of independent… non ‘genius’ repairpersons.
Interesting to finally see mainstream coverage of these tactics…though the news segment comes from a Nation that is not the USofA.

Hopefully our Librems will have a spare parts channel to obtain parts if/when needed…

The investigative video and segment is about 12 minutes long. Sad news for fanboys everywhere?

Good news for citizens of 17 US states where ‘Right to Repair’ Legislation has passed.

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Unfortunately it’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. These tactics along with incremental annual updates drive their revenue streams. Nevermind that companies like Apple for example have the s model already prepped as they are announcing the non-s version.

Excuses like, it’s necessary because we want it thin, or it keeps costs down, have always been smoke screens. Phones today cost over a grand, I don’t think anyone would quibble about paying $100 or so more for a user replaceable battery or the ability to repair the device.