Ringtone contest November 1st

The winner(s) of the ringtone contest will be decided November 1st, 2017 by a vote of the Purism team members

what does happen tomorrow? do you write a blogpost with winners? or do you just mail them?

Both. But the voting process will take a day or two more than we first thought, because we got a lot of ringtones.

any news? some winner(s) of the ringtone contest? :blush:

Will be publicly announced. We have ~180 sounds in 30 submissions, so the voting process will take much more time than we thought.


It’s good to have many choices, although it requires time. Thanks for the update! :+1:t3:

Thanks for the update.

And the winning tones are…?

Why not post the winning sounds here (or in a development blog) so we can all have a listen to the future phone?

Them: https://puri.sm/posts/librem5-ringtone-contest-winners/


I wonder if the shipping for the winners will be after Q3, 2019, will be according to the date of pre-orders …

Any info about that?

Can’t imagine it wouldn’t ship at the same time. I hope they include the runners’ up sounds on the Librem 5 as well though. I get the winners’ will be default, but would be nice to include the others.

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Ya know , I really liked the Purism Librem 5 update video music on your videos on youtube .

Will the librem 5 have the capability of using an mp3 for a ringtone ?

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I imagine you will be able to use any audio format that is playable on the device. PureOS can play mp3’s out of the box.

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using FLAC as a ringtone on a phone … what a day :heart_eyes:

Well yes . But sometimes devices that have the ability to play mp3s dont have the software option to set one as a ringtone and just use whats in their proprietary ringtone basket.

Ringdroid is on f-droid and is an excellent program to splice mp3s and save them as ringtone, notification, alarms, etc.

On android I just used my music player POWERamp . Im going to miss that app . It was the best music player Ive ever seen .

Although the reason I decided to order the L5 was a seemingly benign detail to most of you . but FAWggin YUUUUUGE to me . The fact Purism demod an app called Lollypop I think it was . A music app and this music app had a 7 or 10 band EQ . That EQ is what pushed me over the edge to buy this device. I really really hate tinny un equalized sound of most music players. And the L5 doubling as a music player is the most important function for me .

I dont care about the camera , I dont care about VoIP calling , I dont care about mobile gaming . I LOVE music . Of all kinds. From Ludavico Einaudi to Insane clown posse to The Frowning to Rascal Flatts .

I really hope this device has a great sound chip. Otherwise I’m going to be having a really bad time.

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see > Audiophile question - might want to go first-last.

Poweramp is the only music app I’m using too. It’s just getting better with every update.
Gonna miss it.
I was gonna buy LG V20 for a music player. I still might. :slight_smile: I just wish it was smaller. Given how limited the use of L5 is gonna be, maybe we should have that extra media device on us :slight_smile:
Still dreaming of getting some nice mid range cans (my fav Sony MDR 1AM2) and pairing it with a phone with powerful DAC. Or getting the external one for more boost.

lollipop music player on the L5 actually has a 10 band eq too all i need beyond that is a hierarchical folder view and im good

yea it’s pulseaudio so you have built-in 10bands eq plus all the LADSPA at your disposal (eg parametric eq). Technically you can even route it via jackdbus but that may be not too battery friendly.

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