Rocket Chat Librem 5

Would anyone with a Evergreen try out the Rocket Green desktop app on their L5? It is a Electron based app if that matters, but it does already conform nicely to what ever size you make it on normal desktop.

This is my primary chat solution, so I’m interested if it works out of the box, which I suspect.

I see something called Rocket.Chat+ in the store. Is that the same thing?

Rocket.Chat+flatpak, 895MB to download, 499MB installed.

But…this when launched:

OK, thank you. Could be a screen scaling issue. But it shouldn’t be rocket chat +. That is most likely a custom flatpak.

The web portal will work and does the same thing as the client so I’m good either way, and since you can make web pages ‘apps’ it will feel like the app as well.

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With a display like that users may think it is hosted in Switzerland!

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