Rollback to previous version of PureBrowser?


I notice that after the most recent update to PureOS my PureBrowser no longer works with uOrigin (ad blocker), when trying to reinstall the addon it says I need to be running FireFox in order to use it. I believe I’ve had this problem before - I perceive the problem to be like cat-and-mouse, where we (PureOS) need to fake out the Mozilla addons store. FYI - after the update PureBrowser is at level 68.0.2esr.

Is it possible for me to rollback my version of PureBrowser to one that will work with uOrigin (and other extensions)? If so, do you know how? I ran a search for my answer before posting and nothing obvious was coming up on this forum.


I have not tried this myself, but I think you can probably uninstall–use ‘remove’, don’t purge–and try:

sudo apt install <package_name>=<version_number>

I do not know what the side effects might be.

If you have not already, you may want to view this thread.

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I was able to manually add it after disabling extension signing in Firefox. Thank you for letting me know about the other thread.

i switched from PureBrowser to Debian’s Firefox ESR a while ago, because i was having similar problems with some extensions