Root password forgot?

my phone is encrypted etc, have no problem getting in, i cannot sign in a terminal with su.

i only use certain words with certain numbers, so… have tried all twice in the combinations possible. is there away to change or see what password i used last. the L5 USA full upgrade to current… no problems other than getting root. Also cannot find link to pureos arm version to put on a stick, anyone have a link? I have some instructions on how to unlock using the system from the stick but need iso.
thanks … dave

Usually the root account is disabled by default nowadays. If you want to reset the root password, you can follow the instructions here: Since i have no access to my root account on my newly installed pureos 8.0 - #2 by mladen

I strongly suggest contacting Purism support with an email to to get the best help here as messing with the root account can become a security risk as it is an easy target.

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I wouldn’t mess with root either…just sudo instead.

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Hey, just tried everything does not work… sudo su response is enter password.
su response is enter password

So… can’t install anything or update and the rest.

Was that last full-upgrade a problem , did it change something… anyone else have same problem?

Where is the link to full arm version of the OS to install onto a memory stick?

Did you try 123456 or whatever is the unlock code of the phone?

Not yet I will try it right now

No, doesn’t work.

sudo su will not work. Login to the root account is disabled on PureOS.
sudo <your_command> however should still be possible.

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If I use sudo apt full-upgrade the terminal asks for password

Yes, but it’s “your” password that it is asking for, not root’s password.

By “your” password, I mean the password for the purism account, which is also the lock screen unlock password. If you can type a sudo command at the terminal then I assume that you are able to get into the phone as far as doing that, so you must know the lock screen unlock password.

For the record, I would test the sudo command with something harmless like sudo date

As others have said, the root account is by default disabled on the Librem 5 (on all Debian-family distros?). You have no need to enable the root account. You have no need ever to use the root account.


solved problem, sudo works now.

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