Ruined my Kmail Installation

Yesterday I ruined my Kmail installation.

I wanted to add a new Email-Account to my existing IMAP-Account and did it the wrong way.
Now everytime i start KMail it says
“Im E-Mail-Programm ist ein schwerwiegender Fehler aufgetreten. Das Programm wird beendet.
Die Fehlermeldung lautet:
Could not create collection trash, resourceId 4”
and crashes KMail.

I tried to purge KMail and reinstall it, but that does not help, beaus it is not completly purged.

Any ideas?

I don’t use Kmail, but I would find the folders that Kmail uses and delete them. Then, do a reinstall.

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Thank you. I do not know why, but now it ist working again.

Well I would rename them but …

May not even need a reinstall. Just move the folder away and restart and see whether it will notice the absence of the folder and create a new one.

I am always suspicious of errors that appear and then disappear. There is always a realistic possibility that the error will unprompted appear again!

Anyway … if it’s working again, …