Run and/or install PuroOs from live usb

Hi guys,

I downloaded PureOs before and put it on a usb as I do with so many more distro´s.
I used to have the choice of running it live or install it.
Now I downloaded PurOS 2.0 and the only option I get is: Install.
But I first want to try it from usb.
And furthermore: how is the insatllation done?
Is it like Ubuntu or Mint are doing with the opportunity to put it on a partion or will it erase my entire harddisk?
I cannot find any documentary on this…so please help.

Thnx, Peer

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Yes, we don’t offer live try from USB (there wasn’t much of requests for that).

Installation doesn’t wipe your disk (it did in past but we changed that). It is Debian Installer (in Ubuntu world also known as Ubuntu Alternative Installer) and you’ll have an option to manipulate manually or guided with your partitions - our recommendations is full disk encryption.

You may store PureOS-2.0.iso wherever you want and extract vmlinuz and initrd.img.
Then start it with bootloader params as follows (replace XY and path) into ´live´:

title Purism-2.0-cinnamon live!
kernel /path-to/vmlinuz boot=live fromiso=/dev/sdXY/path-to/PureOS-2.0.iso components quiet splash
initrd /path-to/initrd.img

Hello Zlatan,

unfortunatelly I didn’t find any documentation either and I found the hard way that it does wipe the whole disk. Somehow it didn’t give me any option and went ahead with the whole disk wipe.