Run Android OS on Librem platform

I know it may sound rather in contrast with the goals of the Librem platform and PureOS but,
is there any chance to run Android OS on Librem 5 successfully? Should I expect driver issues or other technical problems? Has anyone done this before?
BTW. I am doing some research and I found this platform perfect for it and I GOT to run Android on it somehow!


Full blown Android (to run Google Play apps), or would Android Things be sufficient for your use case?

Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t but don’t expect any support for that and you might end up with something that would be an instable mess.

There was some talk about using Anbox as an emulation layer to run Android apps on the Librem 5 under PureOS but I’m not aware of any progress being made publicly.

It should in theory be possible to run native Android as well, but I’m more interested in PureOS.

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I am looking for the “Full blown” Android. Thanks for the response