Run PureOS from USB

I just got my Librem 14 w/ Qubes OS. As I understand Purism releases firmware updates and probably easiest to apply through PureOS. Can I run PureOS from USB for this purpose and if so how?

like most Linux distros, the PureOS ISO boots into a live environment. Simply write the PureOS ISO to USB using the proper utility and boot it from the Pureboot boot menu

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I just upgraded Pureboot on a Librem Mini v2 (which I love more and more as time goes by) to Pureboot 20, and upgraded Qubes to 4.1.
I had to do a pureboot factory reset but now I have the default PINs which I can’t edit from the Qubes dom0 command line.
If I do a Pure OS live dual boot with my Qubes 4.1 I can manage the PINs from the Pure OS CLI, right?

Also; we aren’t limited to 6 numerical digits for the user PIN and 8 numerical digits for the admin PIN, is that right?
I know I had more than 8 before on this (as above Librem mini V2) machine with the old (17, I think) version of Pureboot. And it’s not just numbers, it can be upper or lower case letter characters as well - is that so?

you can do that from the Pureboot recovery console, no live boot needed

any limitations are those set by gpg or the hardware, not Pureboot. I’m not aware of a 6-digit limitation on the user pin

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That’s great, thanks.

So I just follow the instructions in the ‘Getting Started’ guide:

and the ‘Change or Unblock a PIN on the Librem Key’ guide: ,

. . . once I’m in the Pureboot recovery console (via Pureboot) and it’s pretty straight forward?

So far things I’ve needed to do in Pureboot have been very intuitive and easy.

Thanks again,

should be!

Thanks a lot. :smile: