Running Chirp on the Librem 5

I installed the Chirp software to the Librem 5. The installation from the Snap Store is uneventful as it installs just fine. With the screen size on the Librem 5 set to 100%, it looks good with all needed controls available. The programming cable to my Baofeng UV-5R radio has a USB-A plug on the computer end. So I ordered a USB-C to USB-A (female end) adaptor from Amazon, so I can plug that programming cable in to the Librem 5. When the adaptor arrives, I expect to be able to build and manage the programming files in convergence mode on the Desktop, and then field program the radio from the Librem 5 on the fly, as needed. I have an Anytone AT588 UV that I plan to program this way also. Chirp works very well on my x86 PC running Linux. Detaching the head of the AT588 UV from my car and bringing it in to the house to plug in to my PC for re-programming is another step I am looking forward to not doing also if the Librem 5 works to program that radio without detaching the head. Has anyone else here had experience running Chirp on the Librem 5? Chirp has no Apple or Android versions. So assuming that it works, this will be a phone application that is exclusive to the Librem 5.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Will try as soon as my Boafeng comes in.

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Haven’t used Chirp for about 15 years or so.

(Edit, I left out the word “years” yesterday.)

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