Running imx6.img in Gnome Boxes

I’m trying to run imx6.img from [ Build/527/]( Build/527/) following the instructions here I have installed the following QEMU packages.

and for Gnome Boxes

I downloaded the imx6.img.xz file and unpacked it with unxz imx6.img.xz. In Gnome Boxes I selected “New” and the imx6.img file. I went with the suggested memory of 2 GB in setup. Once done I clicked “Start button” for imx6 in Gnome Boxes.

Gnome Boxes returns a message saying “Faild to start “imx6” Toubleshooting log”.
UPDATE 1 This was solved by adding my user to the kvm group with usermod -a -G kvm username

UPDATE 2 I downloaded the wrong image. There is two images built each day. Make sure you get the qemu-x86_64.img.xz. Looking at there is two successful builds one for x86_64 and one for imx6. Hover over the download button (the blue circle) and it is possible to see the two build.

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Use the x86_64 version if you are using your desktop, unless you are really using a imx6 system.

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