Running MS Word or using MS fonts

Has anyone been able to get MS word (say Word 2007) running on the Librem 5 via Wine? I know it might seem crazy to even want to do that, but I’m just curious. If it could work, it would be a great way to make some documents that are more compatible with enterprise-based workflows.

Don’t focus on that last part though, the only question here is if it is possible.

With box86/64 it would be possible to run Crossover, and with Crossover running Office 2007 is no problem. I do it all the time on desktop Linux.

The Librem 5 is great, btw.


It’s only crazy if you don’t have to do it.

No, I have not tried this. I have no need and, as you imply, it would involve lots of moving parts. I think it might be a case of: you try it and report back. :wink:

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I don’t have to do it. What I want is access to the fonts that are found there. The fonts available in LibreOffice are kind of basic.

I’m sure it is possible. I’ve gotten Steam running on the MNT Reform which uses the same SoC as the Librem 5. Just was wondering if someone more skilled with using box86/64 had already messed around with getting Crossover working.


Did you search on internet for those fonts? Another method could be to copy paste from Windows to L5. I think that should be easier than installing proprietary Windows software on the phone.

Microsoft released a lot of their fonts for free. I don’t see how I can install those fonts on PureOS on the Librem 5. If we could access Debian 11’s contrib repo then it would be possible to install these fonts.

Copy paste downloaded fonts into /usr/local/share/fonts should do the job (not tested yet). You also find more details on web if you search for “installing fonts debian”.

If you want to download via repos, I’m sure you will also find solutions via web search.

I did, but they are all for enabling contrib and non-free on Debian, not Pure OS.

I need someone to tell me how to enable Debian contrib and non-free repos on Pure OS.


This should make no difference since PureOS is a little modified Debian. But if you think that’s a problem, why not find those fonts on web to download with browser?

If PureOS doesn’t include the contrib and non-free repos because of their FOSS mindsets, it will not be possible to simply add contrib and non-free, hence why I am asking here. Someone with more apt source powers would be able to explain how I would go about doing that.

Having those repos available to me will be beneficial for a lot of reasons, not just fonts.


It actually is. However. Before doing this it is important to understand it will not be supported, it may cause issue’s of its own, and if done wrong you get to start all over/restore from backup.

The thing you’re looking to use is “apt pinning”. This allows you to take specific packages from repo’s without taking the whole repo.

Please understand that once you do this you will likely have a truly bespoke install unique to you and any issues you encounter will likely be blamed on this once someone finds out what you’ve done.

Basically I really want to emphasize that most people will tell you not to do this, but I also want you to know the option exists.

I would be cool with just the pacakge if I could just get the debian deb file for the ms fonts and just use dpkg to install it. I don’t need to update it, etc.

tff-mscorefonts-installer is the package I’m looking to get.

The second result when I searched “debian tff-mscorefonts-installer deb download arm” in ddg

Has a link to the binary that points


Or you could install the package on a different Linux computer and then replicate the contents of /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts onto the actual computer. That’s hackier of course.

Back in the day, before someone made a package for this, moving .ttf files around was the easiest way of sorting this out.

Note that you aren’t getting a lot of fonts out of this (11 fonts listed on the web page I am looking at).

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I found the most annoying thing to do after a PC upgrade is updating the fonts. I did a linux Mint to Mint laptop swap last week and lost about a thousand custom fonts. I went into my backup SSD and imported them separately.

I never get a new laptop for personal use, it got a 99 dollar used one with no O/S about 6 years old. (The old one was a dozen years old.) They’re like cars, unless you’re rich, never buy new.

While this seems to be solved, I’d recommend adding the repo in the same way as it’s described for octarine. That way, you can easily use it for the few packages you want with -t bullseye-contrib or such.

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Perhaps @dos could confirm, but I believe that this would end badly for someone following that advice. Octarine, as far as I can tell, is a smaller repository designed to work with Byzantium in this specific way. Unless another repo were also explicitly designed in this way it should not be done this way.

I don’t think so. The way things are laid out with the octarine instructions is that you only install from octarine when you specifically specify you want that package from octarine. The -t stands for --target-release, which pretty much explains what the flag does. While it’s not too beneficial for this use case, it definitely is for stuff like bullseye-backports, where you otherwise would have to download matching package dependencies by hand, too.

See also apt - How to only install updates from a specific repository? - Ask Ubuntu

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MS Word or MS in general is IMO MS spyware. I had Win 7 with TM virus protect. TM stopped supporting Win7 and I found BitDefender still supported Win7, BitDefender is magic so much better than TMicro. BitDefender tells you when software you are not running attempts to connect to an external IP. I blocked the send and checked who the IP address was. I found that about hourly MS was sending out your data. Google was sending once or twice a day. I attempted to block the ports being used for the send. MS did an update ‘Port Hardening’ , the Port Hardening update HARDENED THE PORT AGAINST ME. i COULD NOT BLOCK THE PORT. MS kept the port open for incoming and outgoing comms. This was in Win 7. Win8 and later are much much worse,. In Win 10 you CANNOT prevent MS AutoUpdate and you CANNOT block certain ports. So my point is Why would you corrupt your L5 with MS products?, MS is spyware.


You can (because I have) block windows update for Windows 10 and 11. I also am blocking all of the unnecessary things from leaving my network on Windows 10 and 11.

But also remember that not everyone who buys a Purism products shares in their values especially regarding FOSS. I see paid software development being statistically, historically, and in general far superior to everything else. THere are places where this doesn’t matter and OSS software is great.

However, I use a computer for work and the pursuit of my interests. Anything that gets in the way of me using that computer, such as zealous ideals on how software should be developed, I simply don’t have time for. I control traffic that goes in and out on all of my devices. With the L5 this is no different thanks to Opensnitch. I use the best software for the job, period.


Who said that FOSS is not paid? PureOS is paid, Firefox, Blender … just to speak about 3 very specific projects.

And moreover: I see that you don’t see a lot of the FOSS-world if you argue like this. The “whole” internet depends on FOSS. So OSS seems to be great enough that it dominates the professionals that are not end users (employees of the backend etc).

If you prefer Microsoft Word above FOSS office variants, go for it. I don’t want to change your mind on what products you should use at work. And in fact, there are some proprietary programs that are better than the FOSS alternative(s).
In my opinion proprietary apps are just better, because everyone pays 4 digits for such software instead of donating 50$ to an OSS project. Otherwise FOSS would be much better - even for professional end users. For some industry sectors it becomes already reality.