Running Qubes 3.2 on a Librem 15 v3 - no wireless connections

Hello, so I recently received my Librem 15 v3 after 8 weeks of waiting and was very eager to try it out. I installed Qubes 3.2 on the system and had to go through this procedure here after my system was stuck at the “Booting from Hard Disk …” message:

Anyways after I got that issue fixed I tried to connect to my local Wifi network. At first there was no tray icon, but I fixed that after adding the network card to the sys-net and sys-firewall VMs.

Now when I click on the tray icon, it says “Ethernet Network - device not managed” with no available wifi networks.

I tried to start the NetworkManager services thing in my sys-net and sys-firewall VM, however the message changed to “device not available”.

I tried typing in “qvm-service -e sys-net network-manager” and “qvm-pci -l sys-net” in a dom0 terminal, but the second command displays empty brackets (no network card available?).

I am a noob when it comes to fixing issues with Qubes and I rely on google searches mostly. Has anyone here encountered a similar problem? Is this driver-related? I am totally lost here and thankful for any help.

When I had it installed, I had to go through a couple of “install drivers” rounds. However, I ultimately concluded that qubes consumed too much power to be used on the go…like 90-120 minutes on battery

I’ve installed another OS (mint) that lasts ~9 hours, and run things in docker containers for isolation. This in turn makes setting drivers up significantly easier.

Thank you for your reply. I used Qubes 3.2 on a desktop machine and wanted to switch to a laptop. I love Qubes, it’s a great system if it works, but very error prone.

Anyways, when I disable and re-start my sys-net VM the first message I get is “Network disconnected”. Now it just says “device not managed”. Both my sys-net and sys-firewall are running.

The command “lspci” in the sys-net terminal does not list any devices!

Oh my god I think I fixed it. Apparently I removed the network adapter from the available devices list. In the VM settings, under the devices tab, there’s a long list of devices which are “available” (read: can be added to the VM) and an empty list of “selected” devices (read: devices that the VM can actually use).

I added the network adapter to the sys-net VM “selected” list and enabled the network-manager service under the services tab. A quick reboot of the sys-net VM enabled my wifi connection and I was able to successfully connect to my home network.

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