Running the Librem 5 qemu image using X

Can I make the image run X instead of wayland? I am having some problems with mainly with the mouse, which I guess are due to it running wayland (from the bug reports I have found). - so I thought - Why not try to make it run X?

But, this is harder than I thought, since it doesn’t use neither lightdm or gdm3, where I would be able to simply change to it running X.

So, how is it done on the librem 5 images I am running in qemu? (I am running it in Gnome Boxes, if that matters).

Also, running loginctl to determine what kind of session I am running, reports “Type=tty”, which isn’t very informational.

I’ve had issues with the mouse pointer jumping all over the screen especially with AntiX. (Although I’ve no idea what enviroment it runs.) I usually just install different OS’s on other partitions until I find one that stops doing that.

Phosh is based on wlroots which is Wayland exclusive, it runs X applications fine with Xwayland but it is not possible to run the shell itself with X as its written to be a Wayland compositor/windowmanager. Adding X support would need rewriting huge parts of the code base, time would be better spent on debugging the issue instead of looking for a workaround.


Ah, thanks for the information. I guess I need to check for other solutions to my problem then. Anyway - thanks!

I managed to get a Librem 5 image running in virtualbox - Now everything works as I expect it to.

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