Rustdesk for remotely accessing L5

I wonder if rustdesk would work on L5. It may be useful… But rustdesk is not available on PureOS. gives some pre-compiled packages. Which one is the correct to try?

The rustdesk-1.2.0-aarch64.deb seems right

It installs and run OK but no it does not work. I guess it was to do with L5 running Wayland and not X.

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I noticed this in the changelog: “Experiment to support Wayland, not feasible, give up temporarily”

It may be simpler to wait until PureOS switches to Debian 12. It will use PipeWire out of the box, which may help with getting GNOME Remote Desktop to work. I am not sure though.

If you want to spend some money, and do not mind 1 frame per second performance (possibly faster if you reduce the screen size), I have tested the PiKVM v4 with the Librem 5 and the Purism’s dock for it. VNC also works with some minor setup.

It is a neat to be able to do this, but it is too slow for casual use, so I do not recommend buying one just to use applications on the Librem 5 like you normally would, because it will become painful very quickly. This is, however, great for what it was built for, which is mostly light remote administration when things go wrong.