Ryzen PSP vs Intel ME

Has Ryzen been considered for future devices? It seems to me that the Intel ME is a major hurdle, and AMD’s PSP has reportedly been toggle-able in relatively recent bios releases (whether that has remained an option is unknown to me)


Does that not speak to some sort of ease of development for Librem?


No, it’s not toggle-able. The post you linked to is from a misinformed user, this looks like it only disables the BIOS communicating with the PSP, but the PSP is still active. It mentions which BIOS features get disabled as a result, but it doesn’t say anything about the PSP processor itself being disabled. See this comment for example : https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxmasterrace/comments/7i6kl7/amd_listened_to_us_and_added_a_psp_disable_option/dqwqdyc/