[SALE] Librem 5 Europe, box unopened

Hi there!
Just got my Librem 5 (Europe, Evergreen batch) back in March or so. Since the time I bought it, I have found another solution and therefore don’t need it at the moment. Since lead times are long, I figured someone here could be interested. I’m willing to give it away for 1000 CHF.
I can send it if you pay in advance by bank transfer, or we arrange to meet in Bern, Switzerland. I have literally not opened the box yet, but if you prefer, I can check that everything is ok before sending.


What solution do you found?

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I actually tried the PinePhone for a while, but then settled on a Pixel Phone with GrapheneOS. For me that’s a good compromise atm.

That is €1028.31 at the moment.

And what was the price the OP paied?

Is that important? You can get the same device for 1299$ today or for 1000CHF (1106$). Price in 2019 was obviously lower.

Yes, al least for me.

He got in March, so it should be 650$ (600€ back those days) plus tax.

Yes it was around 650$. I’m open to selling it for 1000$ (~910 CHF) if it helps. I didn’t realize there was such a difference.

To help you in Math: 1000$ - 650$ = 350$
This is more than the half of what you‘ve paid. Do you think this is a fair offer?

The same device is currently at 1299$ with a lead time of 52 weeks. You can have it for 1000$ next week. I think that’s fair. A lot happened since 2019.


Lead time is shorter right now.

You forgot tax bu6n already payed.


The lead time is currently showing as 20 weeks - and I would imagine that it will come down again in the not too distant future. So your window of opportunity to use this as a selling point is closing fast.

Personally I don’t really care whether your offer is “fair” (what does that even mean?). If someone pays it. Fine. If someone won’t pay it. Fine.

If being sold strictly within the EU then that is reasonable. Given the suggestion of a f2f in Bern, I guess it is envisaged that someone in or near the EU will be the buyer. :wink:

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The Librem has been sold.


Life isn’t fair.
He lives in Switzerland where everything is super expensive.

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But quality of life is top!

No, that’s Finland, isn’t it?

Nope! Because in Switzerland there’s direct democracy so people have really the power :wink:

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With great power comes great responsibility… and the need to reconcile the will of the people with basic rights of all individuals.