Sale Librem 5 Evergreen first hand (one hour)

I bought two librem 5 some years ago in January 2019, and i received them two weeks ago.

I keep one, but for the people the second was destined (end user), the UI is above all not finished, many common applications does not fit the phone, external monitor is not plug and play, so it looks like a prototype, so i have to separate of it.

The librem is sold with its original box with European modem for 990 euros (free world shipping).

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It probably doesn’t make sense to sell this outside of the EU.

Librem 5 is well designed and the modem is replaceable. I can change it if needed (and if the piece is available on the market).

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Yes, the modem is available from the Purism store if someone outside Europe needed a different modem.

It was as much about the tax paid to get it into the EU (and then for some countries the tax would have to be paid again to the new country).