SALE: Librem 5 unused, Version 1, BM818-T1 modem, Australia or EU

Dear community
For sale is my Librem 5 phone. I had it for 6 months sitting in box, tested, but unused as it unfortunately can’t be my daily driver phone :frowning:

Phone has T1 modem :
supports cdma bc0 800 mhz
hspa+/wcdma b4 1700 mhz
lte-fdd b4 1700 mhz b28 700 mhz b66 1700 mhz
lte-tdd b34 2000 mhz b39 1900 mhz

I prefer to sell in Australia asking $1200 AUD including express post or EU from 15th of July for €800 + postage (compare to wait 52 weeks - $1880 AUD or €1245 for new)
XMR or FIRO crypto payment negotiable.

please note there is for some reason only US,UK and EU plug on charger, express post immediately upon EFT or OSKO payment
phone can be posted no earlier than 15th of July from EU upon € bank transfer.
Will not post outside Australia or EU

This is normal. Australians need to go out and buy a plug adapter. Cost: a few dollars.

is this still available?

im in Australia

Yes, I’m back from EU. Librem 5 is now available in Australia only now!