(SALE) Sell my Lib5

Hello Librem 5 community, I have now decided to sell my phone from the Evergreen batch. It doesn’t really serve my needs and I will switch to a small laptop. It is as good as unused and is sold with all original parts in the original box. Glass is not scratched.
As a price I would like 1100 € negotiating basis including shipping costs in Germany. EU or worldwide to clarify.
If wanted pictures can addet
i am located in Cologne

I’m guessing you are referring to the MNT Pocket. :grinning:

Have you tried using your L5 with a nexdock type solution? That is where the L5 really shines.

Anyway alles beste for your sale!


i try to use Baseus, but that doesnt really fitts my needs

if wanted, i can add the baseus too