[SALE] Selling a pre-ordered Librem 14 (Sep 15)

I have this pre-order from September 15, 2020 that I want to sell:

Memory: 8GB (1x8GB)
Storage M.2: 250GB (SATA)
Wireless: Included
Keyboard: English (US)
Power Adapter: US
Firmware: Default (coreboot + SeaBIOS)
Operating System: PureOS
Warranty: 1 Year

I’ll sell it for an offer of more than $1300


If someone has done this kind of transaction before, can they tell me how this should be done? What are the steps?

To add onto this, is Purism willing to facilitate the transfer of a pre-order?

For example, if I wanted to buy @Sam1’s pre-order for $1400, would it be possible for me to send Purism $1400 for Purism to refund @Sam1 $1400 and transfer the pre-order to me?


Asked them a while ago, then Purism was not going to do as a middleman for monetary transactions.


As far as i understand you can change the shipping address to whomever purchases your pre-order,to their adress but the transaction between you and the other person will have to be handled between the two of you.

Emailing support would be the best advice i can offer. Its friday now and im not sure about response times on weekends but for my own emails to support over the years the response has come as fast as within less than 1 hour and as “slow” as 48 hours for a complicated question.

Since none of us work at purism you cannot take any of our answers as certain or actual policy of purism.

But based off of how a librem 5 pre order was sold, it was my understanding that the shipping address and contact email was changed, but the financial transaction between the person selling their pre order and the one buying was handled by them. It would be awfully complicated i imagine for purism to open itself up to also act as a middleman for private sales between customers and , even more additional work. I can’t think of any other retailer/company that does or would offer financial middleman services like that or in such a way,maybe theres an odd exception out there but then it would be the odd exception.

Email support is the best advice i can give you, and ask if you can sell the pre-order privately and change shipping and contact info to the person who in the future might pay for your pre-order,and make sure that wont void the order or something else.

Any answer from someone not working at purism like me,is a speculative friendly guess,at best.

Jon Kovach.

The problem is transferring the money and trust.
There are two people who are willing to buy this right now but we don’t know of anyway that this transaction can happen with some protection for both seller and the buyer.

If you don’t trust each other directly, you could try to find a person that you both, seller and buyer trust. The seller ships the good to to the trustee and the buyer ships the trustee and the buyer transfers the money to the trustee. When the trustee is in possession of both the trustee transfers the money to the seller and the good to the buyer.

I wonder if there are trustworthy organizations that offer that as a service for private persons. If not that’s a business model in times of internet shopping and global shipping.

Without a trustee the buyer is maybe in a better position because if the laptop isn’t shipped the buyer can go to the police and maybe they can get the sellers identity from purism. Is that realistic? So maybe the money should be transfered first. Some banks can undo transactions under circumstances.

Also it may be worth to choose the kind of shipping wisely. What happens when a packet gets lost in logistics?

The poster informed us that it’s no longer available.

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