[SALE] Selling my future Librem 5 Evergreen, pre-ordered on 2018-Sept-4, for $650

There’s a big difference between selling a Librem 5 that you have … and selling a Librem 5 that you expect to have at some unknown future time, under conditions (shipment, taxes, warranty, …) that are awkward to arrange at best.

In addition, the OP is attempting to ‘take advantage of’ the price difference between the earlier prices and the current price (never mind about the future price).

If you sell a Librem 5 that you have then a buyer knows exactly the price that a new phone could be purchased directly from Purism, avoiding all of the awkwardness of a private transaction - and apply a discount from the then new phone price to account for the negatives of a private transaction.

I don’t think you need to invoke heresy and blasphemy :slight_smile: to explain the scepticism of many people who have posted in this topic.

It’s just my opinion but I think that if the OP wants to have a “change of mind” on the sale, when Purism is not offering that, then it should be done at a small loss. Even then, I wouldn’t touch it.


Today at the NYSE Librem 5 future :wink:


Could comfortably short than and know by the time it gets to me the old tech will be worthless…

Serious question. assuming Fir is out by the time the phones being ordered in January ship, will those people get Fir? (newer hardware?)
(if Evergreen production ends when Fir starts and Fir uses better hardware, the OP might not get his phone in August, but might get a better phone than he thinks?)

In business that is known as a “drop-shipment”. Usually arranged by a broker to an address other than the broker’s.

So in this case the original buyer should try to get purism to change the shipping address.

Then the original buyer never sees it.


I think that assumption is so doubtful that the question does not arise. Unless you would like to take it to Round Table for some crazy speculation on when Fir will be out.

Well this time last year, fir was going to be out now…

but, I’m done trying to get straight answers on shipping dates…

It’s not going to be out this year. Did you hear about the pandemic? Also Fir will have its own disadvantages.
Purism don’t even know which changes it will have.

Relax, it’s a joke.

@irvinewade: You are right of course that the phone is not there yet - and if I would consider doing such a thing, I would ask the price I had to pay for it - but I can also understand his point of view to a certain extent - he offers a faster delivery against part of the raise in price that happened until today - so he is kind of following the classic supply and demand principle, but nobody is being forced to buy it, so no harm is done.

The point I wanted to make with my probably clumsy religious comparison is that I feel that this is being taken a bit too serious, though. (and he really tried hard to show that he does not want to cheat anybody imho)

… and I think that a “buy/sell corner” could help to stay focused on the future of the phone itself and its ecosystem in this librem 5 category :wink:

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Maybe. He makes no guarantees about when the delivery will occur - because he himself does not know. Noone knows. Not even Purism.

A small number of people have sold an actual phone that they already have, and thereby offer a guarantee of faster delivery - which they can readily use as a selling point.



Maybe. Time to let this one go then? :wink:

Price dropped to $650. Your benefits:

  • $150 discount against $800 L5 today’s pre-order price
  • taxes to be paid for $599 instead $799
  • better place in the pre-order queue

I think me and the OP have come to an agreement. I’m going to buy the phone.

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Yes, we have an agreement, so I’m changing the title to add [SOLD].

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I haven’t heard back from @Wushu since our agreement… I’ve waited, but nothing was moved forward.

So, I’m reopening this announcement and I’m looking for another buyer.

I just got back to you. Check your PM :).

Sorry, but our agreement expired on Friday. I’m going to give the chance of buying this L5 to another person.

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I had to wait to get paid. That’s fine though! Hopefully it sells for you.

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I’m still selling my pre-order. Same price: $650.

I don’t have any horse in this race, and I’m not interested in buying it myself, but it seems the best thing to do as a three-way conversation between the seller and the buyer and Purism to make sure everyone is on the same page and Purism is actually shipping the phone to the buyer?

Of course I can’t speak for Purism, and they don’t HAVE to get involved at all, but it certainly would go along way in making everyone happy and makes Purism look great by doing so from a customer relations standpoint, (going the extra mile when they absolutely have no reason to do so other than to make a new customer happy, and they could sure use some positive vibes in this area :grin:) but a simple transaction would have the buyer paying the $650 to Purism, then Purism refunding that amount to the seller, then converting the original sale over to the new buyer with their name, shipping address, other info etc.

Of course I’m sure the original buyer would have to acknowledge in someway to Purism, via electronic signature, etc., that they release Purism from all liability concerning the original sale.

I would have considered buying it to receive a phone sooner, but I’m already in front of you in the queue! :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously. If Wushu is still interested, then why not sell it to them? It seems a bit harsh to lock them out of it for responding a little bit late…