[SALE] Selling My Librem 14 (+librem key) in Europe

After a lot of thinking I’ve decided to sell my laptop in a favor of a new machine with dedicated GPU.

My tech specs:

  • 4-cell battery
  • 1x16GB RAM - perfect for an upgrade to 32GB
  • EU charging brick
  • 500 GB NVMe PRO storage for speed
  • Pureboot + Librem Key (the Key is obviously sold with the laptop) - Pureboot can be switched to the basic mode if you don’t need anti-tampering feature
  • Privacy screen (with drop-in plastic holders installed as well as tapes that are in the box)
  • 32GB Flash drive (but I am not planning on selling it though. But this is negotiable :))
  • I can preinstall an OS you want but for starters can recommend latest PureOS Gnome.

Current price for these specs is $1845 + 21% tax on import tax on shippings from the US = $2232. I am selling it for 1500 € (~732 off the retail price). Price is negotiable


I’ve had this device for 1.5 years. It was mostly used as workstation at home, so the wear on the chassis is minimal (except a few game rages from Xonotic and hits on the palm rests which left no marks or damages whatsoever). The screen has a couple of surface scratches (can’t find them if you don’t know where to look, no impact whatsoever) and a small dot/dent on it that is only really noticeable on a white background and almost not noticeable on a dark background. It is definitely not noticeable when privacy screen is used. Since it was mostly plugged, the battery did not degrade as it could have with constant use and the battery life is really decent. It was never repaired, I only opened it once out of curiosity and to check what parts are installed. Killswitches work, camera, headphone jack and everything else works flawlessly.


I live in Prague and we can do the exchange in person there or in another city or country that is within several hours of travel (like Dresden, Berlin, etc.). I can also ship it using DHL/PPL or whatever you prefer but then I guess we’ll have to use Paypal or smth to transfer the money faster. I’d rather do it in person for mutual safety. I will be available to sell from 1st of December.

You can contact me on Telegram @Nekitoss or ping me here one way or another.

Final Notes

Overall I believe this is a good deal for those who can save some money and waiting time as well as a customs hassle. The device is super light and mostly pretty enjoyable to work with (except the things people complain about on this forum :smiley: ). I did learn quite a lot from this linux laptop and glad I could support Purism on their super important goal . But I also learned my hardware needs are a bit different at this point, so I decided to move on.


(Privacy screen and Librem Key are not with me now, can post them later if needed)


Dot on the dark background

Dot on the white background

More pics:

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Hey, I was told there is $200 discount on the new Librem 14, so I am lowering my price to € 1300 as well. Let me know if you are interested and/or if you have a counter offer.

The laptop is sold now to the forum member :wink: