[SALE] Selling my Librem 14

Hey all,

I’ve recently gotten into DJing and cannot run the software on my Librem. I’m looking to purchase a MacBook and replace my Librem 14. I purchased it along with the librem key and PureBoot bundle for $1855.00. I’m willing to sell it for $1200 $1000 and can ship anywhere in the US. If you’d prefer to meet in person, I am located in the midwest. Specs are below for the laptop. Never had any issues with it, but I need a different platform

  • Keyboard: English (US)
  • Memory: 16GB (2x8GB)
  • Storage M.2: 500GB (NVMe)
  • Power Adapter: US
  • Wireless: Included
  • Firmware: PureBoot Bundle Plus (PureBoot + Librem Key Shipped Separately + Vault USB Drive)
  • Operating System: PopOS (I can install a different one if you’d like, or just let you do your own install)
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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You know you can install Windows on it right? I know you said you wanted a MacBook but just making sure you were aware of that.

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May even be able to put a VM on the laptop, still running a Linux distro, and run Windows in the VM.

Maybe look for alternative DJ software as well.

You should probably also write where you are located in case someone prefers to meet in person.

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Purism did some youtube videos about producing music on the Librem 15, maybe those would help?

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Yeah I considered this. MacBooks generally have better audio drivers. Thank you for the tip!

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Most software is also specific to the hardware you are getting. I don’t have a DJ controller that is compatible with linux. I’d have to shell out another $400 - $1000 if I switched the software I was using for different hardware. Thank you for the suggestion!


If you install an Opensource os like ubuntu, plus https://mixxx.org/ you may could find a compat dj controller for. GNU System it more limited but Full Freedom.