[SALE] selling my librem 5 (EverGreen)

Hi I’m selling my Librem 5 (Evergreen batch) with BM818-E1 (Europe) modem.

I bought it off a fellow member on this forum via eBay

All original packaging & accessories: charger with US,UK,EUR plug, USB C cable, earbuds (unopened), pin tool for SIM.

Comes with usb-c to usb adapter too

I’m located in the UK so if anyone here in the UK is interested please drop me a DM I will post it next day by 1pm signed for

Would you be willing to ship it to the US?

Perhaps so, but you have immediate possession of the Librem 5, whereas many customers are still waiting for their order. One could potentially purchase your phone and obtain a refund later from Purism.

Another alternative scenario is someone who has not ordered the phone at all, can skip the entire queue of customers.

You have neglected to mention the price, and if you are planning on international shipping, currency.

Fair enough I didn’t realise there was a waiting list for everyone, taking offers for a couple days to see what prices I can get then if no joy I’ll post a price. I would Pefer to send to someone in the UK but I am open to shipping internationally.

Someone on reddit is looking to buy in Europe: https://teddit.net/r/Purism/comments/maokuh/librem_5_in_europe/


Thank you! I’ll check this out now

Poor phone can’t find a home. I wonder what’s wrong with it…


That was my thought too. Is it defective? Just not meeting expectations?

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To be honest I’m not a native linux user I’ve dabbled in linux but not enough, I set eBay alerts to alert me when a librem 5 gets listed and soon as it alerted me I bought it out of pure excitement.

In regards to selling it I’m very low tier linux user so it’s seems to hard for me to use… it’s all down to me not knowning enough about linux and not looking into it enough before buying.

It’s not defective I’m more than happy to video call anyone who is seriously interested in buying it and doing what ever they would like me to do on it.


This makes me kind of sad. I don’t find Linux that difficult to learn. And the L5 is mostly point-and-click like any other device (except when an unexpected issue arises, which, granted, may be semi-often in the early stages). My approach with Linux over the last 8 years or so, has been to just go about my daily computing, and when I have to research a problem or find a way to accomplish something I would like to do, I search on the internet to find a solution. Voila! I’ve just learned something new. Slow and steady, little by little.

I hope you’ll continue to dabble!


Bump. . . Still forsale open to sensible offers

looking for 650 if anyone is interested.

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Don’t give up on Linux. Just take the easy path, install Linux mint. That system is very much like the old windows and tends not to need commands very much. Then as you get used to it learn the commands in the background. Soon you will be knowledgeable enough to duckduckgo command solutions when you don’t know what to do. You don’t need to directly know what to do.

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On a Librem 5? :wink:

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650 what? Euros?

£650 gbp it’s what I paid so I’m just looking to get back what I paid.

Item is sold pending payment clearance to ouzougagh

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permissions = rw-r-x—
r is read and w is write, x is execute
4+2=6 and 4+1=5 so 650
nada for others

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