Samsung 1TB 970 EVO Compatibility (Librem 13 v2)

Any reasons why this will not work on the Librem 13 v2?
Samsung 1TB 970 EVO NVMe M.2 Internal SSD (

Should I be the test subject for this or has there already been a brave soul?

I’m running the last PRO as NVMe M.2 with 512GB in a 13v3 right now. Without any problems. Don’t have an idea why double the capacity as EVO shouldn’t do.

Alrighty then! I have placed the order. I will follow up here when I receive the goods and try it out. Thanks for your feedback, ajlok!

Same here, the 512GB works in 13v2 and 13v3 like a charm.

Thanks @ajlok and @286. I had no issues using this SSD. The only issue was the missing (read: not included) screw for the M.2 that I had to scramble to find.