Sandboxed indicator in Software app seems to indicate default apps are not sandboxed

Hi, I think I’m missing something here that will end up being obvious.

I’ve been reading on sandboxing in PureOS and flatpaks in general.

I noticed in the Software app, under each app’s Details section, that none of the default installed apps on my Mini v2 running Byzantium seem to have the “Sandboxed” circle active (blue color) as I would have expected.

I have installed one flatpak from Flathub via Terminal and it has the Sandboxed circle colored blue as expected.

Why do none of the out-of-the-box apps seem to be sandboxed according to the Software app sandboxed indicators? Is this a Byzantium issue? Do I need to change a GUI setting or a config file to get expected Sandboxed status indicators in Software?


PS - Running Byzantium with all updates applied as of today.

@HG7789 those apps are the normal Linux apps from the deb repositories not the flatpack version.
For example installed from the terminal via “apt-get install nano”
If you want all your apps as flatpacks you might want to take a look at Fedora Silverblue where almost all apps are installed as flatpacks

Thank you. I’m fairly new to Linux (from Mac) so I suspected it would be a simple answer. For some reason I thought more of the PureOS shipped apps were flatpaks but don’t really care that they aren’t. Still trying to decide how much I favor flatpaks in general. I’ve encountered a lot of pro/con opinions.

Was reading about SilverBlue earlier today. Very interesting but I’m not that much of a flatpak fan at this point. :slight_smile: