SCANNER recognicion SANE-easy-oders ? hp 200 scanjet

hi there how are you doing ??

searching since some dime for using widh gnu linu bud no sys recognices de famous companies scannerover usb only win does obv are dere any hinds how do solve de problem ?? hp 200 scanjet fladbed :-() with kind regards salutations,mgg ~~ mit guten gruessen, saludos,
han ed gra ~:-) ~ handicapped ~ phonetic wrider ~

Sorry, it’s too hard to understand your question in this form. Could you reformulate it perhaps?

A transcription:

“Searching since some time for using with GNU+Linux, but no system recognizes the famous company’s scanner over USB, only Windows, obviously; are there any hints how to solve the problem? HP200 Scanjet Flatbed.
With kind regards, salutations, mgg (mit guten gruessen)~~ with kind greetings…” (etc)
“Hann Eduard Grae (handicapped/phonetic writer)”

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Thanks @amarok. So this is a question how one can install this device on Linux. I hope this link could help:

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hi dere dhanks de answer
obv de hp 2-300 scanner has doo much propriedary sduff on board so a sane inderface is nod availabel jusd use old win or resell bud which oder fladbedscanner could be recommandebel
may balance addendivness and sympadhy guide us
:-() with kind regards salutations,mgg ~~ mit guten gruessen, saludos,

I have a couple of HP network-based multi-function units and scanning works fine (as well as printing).

Because they are network-based, you can point your web browser at the unit’s embedded web server and scan a single page with a limited number of scanning options. That should work with just about any computer (certainly works with Linux).

Or you can connect a single Linux computer via USB to the USB port of the multi-function unit and use the greater functionality available with e.g. SimpleScan.

Or you can do both (as I have) - although I don’t suppose you can simultaneously scan via both ports.

To be honest, I don’t know whether it is using SANE - because it just worked!

I would imagine that you could configure a remote computer with a networked backend for scanning, communicating with the computer to which the scanner is connected via USB - but this is not something that I have tried.

So if your requirement is just for a single Linux computer connected via USB then you should be set.

And if your requirement is more a home office with a number of networked Linux computers and multi-function HP printer/scanner units then you should be set.