Scientific computing


What about lapack, scalapack, blas, and other basic libraries needed for computations?

I am concerned about compiling and running quantum mechanical software (gfortran, gcc, g++, etc), is it possible to test somehow before ordering? Or there is a return policy?

Sorry for weird questions and thanks in advance!

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Lapack, scalapack, blas, gcc, g++, and gfortran are all available.

PureOS deviated very little from Debian, so if you can find it in Debian (and it’s free/open source), then chances are you can find it in PureOS.

Just note that PureOS does NOT support 32-bit architecture.

Though aside from some smaller analysis, I wouldn’t expect you to be doing a whole lot on your laptop anyway. Most of that sort of things tends to happen on clusters, no? That’s how it is for my branch of particle physics anyway.


Hi Taylor,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, main calculation are supposed to be done on clusters/supercomputers, but before going there I do lots of small things locally.

Good to know opinion and experience of a particle physicist :slight_smile:

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Available packages can be seen here:

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@alex-o2 @taylor-williamc Nice to see scientists on this platform! @Caliga Thanks for sharing that link, it is very useful to me and I bookmarked it for future reference.