Screen attach point beginning to fail

Hey all, I noticed the screen on my L14 drooping slightly on the right. I took the bottom cover apart and I think the locations where the right side of the screen is screwed into the body has partially cracked, causing the screw to become loose.

Is there a way to replace just that plastic bracket that the screen screws into, or would this be a bigger repair? I unfortunately failed to take picture of the assembly when I had it apart but can do so again later if needed.

For now I’ve carefully tightened the screw carefully back to provide more rigidity to the right side of the hinge and this has improved things. I’m also a lot more careful about opening and closing the lid.


Do you still have warranty on your Librem 14?

It is no longer in warranty, plus I kinda bought this laptop with the intention of it being something I can break into and fix when I need to. I wouldn’t want to ship it and wait for it to come back. Hence the preventive maintenance. The screen is not failing yet, but it will at some point in the not so distant future, so I just need the piece to fix it and be on my merry way.

I think I’ve identified what I need though and I"ll just message Purism support. Thanks all :slight_smile:


Sadly, the availability of parts is an issue with Purism products. It has been discussed before. What is purism thought process for not selling spare parts? . One response that you might find interesting is a response by Kyle Rankin (he no longer works there) … where he asserts that while they don’t list parts on their website, they might be available for order. What is purism thought process for not selling spare parts? - #8 by Privacy2

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