Screen flickering after replacing wifi card

I replaced the Aetheros wifi card with an Intel 9260 and installed the firmware for it, while waiting for my thinkpenguin card to arrive. Internet performance is much improved, but now I have persistent problems with the screen flickering. It seems to happen more while I use the internet. Any advice on diagnosing this issue. I already reseated the new card and the RAM. Librem 15v4 4.8.1-Pureboot-beta-9

Having done the same change i didn’t experience anything in those regards with my 13v3. Not having a proper idea, i remember having read something 'bout screenflickering here on the forum. A search might be helpful. It COULD at least be a coincidence not directly connected to your change.

If you’d change back to the old card, you could at least find out, wether it’s connected to the new card.

On detaching/attaching the micro-connectors make sure to drag/push them absolutely straight up without any angle. Otherwise they’re prone to break (i experienced exactly that - no fun i can tell you).

I can confirm that I installed a ThinkPenguin card and the flickering issue is gone.

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