Screen flickering and graphics are jittery

On Librem 13V3 with PureOS GNOME

In the last few days the graphics are playing up a little.
It is not just one thing but small things that come and go

  • every so often the screen flickers and looses its night light ambiance
  • when a new window is loading/opening it is a bit clonky

is there any test I can/should run to check if it is a Hard or Soft ware issue?

I have no idea man. Try contacting purism by email for support maybe instead of asking on the forums.

You might be better posting this in the PureOS section.

However, have you done a full upgrade? That’s the first thing I’d do in case it’s just a bug from a previous update.

If that doesn’t work I’d probably be in the same situation as you.

Yes, please send us an email to

thank you.
it seem to be less frequent now.
i’ll monitor the situation and send you an email next time it becomes more pronounced.