Screen for PIN entry

In (the last report about the progress) there is a screen shoot which is suggested for the PIN entry. IMHO this may working on some desktop device, but not on a small smartphone. What on a phone is needed I’m attaching as a screen from my Ubuntu phone. Please Purism, think about your proposal again.

While I agree and assumed that the mockup on the webpage was a temporary solution for the time being, I guess this is something which should not be prioritized now in case there is a lack of time or money. This is SW-side stuff which can be delivered via updates later :slight_smile:

The screen shots in the progress report are the implementation state and really WIP. The planed goal is like this:

Which can be found here:

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I know there must be a reason and I’m late to the party, BUT…
Why is there a pin screen/login? (And lets not confuse SIM PIN with phone PIN/login.) Why not username and password - at least for first login at power on (or is it like that)? Pin for lock screen only is more understandable, but I’m not sure if that is what is meant.

… and that is only a segway to my actual question: could numpad be randomised, so that fingerprints or identifiable movements can not be used to quess PIN? These are some of the easiest ways (with or without a camera) to obtain it.

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Re/ the PIN or credential to unlock the screen (i.e. not the SIM PIN), the desktop of the session is already active and started as some user, perhaps ‘purism’ (on my Ubuntu E4.5 it’s the user ‘phablet’) and you need his password or PIN to unlock the screen or to run ‘sudo su’ in a terminal app. On my phone this can either be a password or a numerical PIN. SSH into it is only possible with RSA authentication, i.e. not interactive password authentication.

This sounds like a good idea for a numerical PIN; but, scrambling an OSK for keyin a longish alphanumeric password would be a PITA.

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Thanks. That there is what I was trying to get at: if PW is replaced with number keypad only, as well as almost certainly shorter PIN, it would decrease complexity/security. Or perhaps this has been though to be countered with some active measures (locking/erasing after N attempts or such)? Surely not, but have to ask.

Yes, scrambling only for numerical keypad. Although, hardcore users might opt for the latter too… :crazy_face: