Screen freezing with Byzantium

In the last weeks, I experience sudden screen freezes for which the only cure I found is rebooting the computer. I had upgraded to Byzantium over a month ago, and things were smooth after I took the first hurdles, but now I have to reboot the computer about once per day, which is quite impractical.

It might be related to Workspace switching, as it often happens when quickly browsing through the work spaces, I find some messages/warnings by gnome-shell in /var/log/messages, but can’t tell if they are related to the freezing.

Does anyone else currently experience this problem?

OS-Version of my computer is “byzantium”, GNOME Version is 3.38.5 and the Windowing System is Wayland.

There might be also a correlation to waking up from suspend - yesterday it happened right after waking up the computer. There is not much information to be found in /var/log/messages/, are there other places I could look?