Screen not Cleared after Bad Passphrase on L5

After entering a bad decryption passphrase, I noticed the warning is not competely cleared off the screen when you enter a good one. It disappears too fast for me to remember it all, but the word “successfully” only partially overwrites the warning. Example:

successfullyed, b

Beginning of line says:


If this uses terminal I would think, a simple “clear” should do it.

I had reboot it several times to get the above in my head, it disappears after a second. No I won’t bother with a video. Besides the video would capture me entering the “correct” passphrase, unless I crop it.

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That’s “normal” for now. I slightly remember that dos had sometime worked on cleaning the splash screen up. But it’s a bit ago and I could not find it again, so please don’t take that as 100% sure…

Also, the Librem 5 logo is blurred and the encryption phrase is more technical than enduser friendly for now.

Just thought I’d mention it. Otherwise it may be forgotten.

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The best way to mention it would be to create an “Issue” - otherwise just posting something in this forum may lead to its being forgotten anyway.

I understand that you may not want the hassle of getting the account created so that you can report the Issue, assuming that you do not already have a suitable account.