Screen protector with Photos & Video

I received the screen protector from ViaScreens for my Librem 5!

I looked around for a screen protector… a few screen protectors are listed on the wiki page

and I decided me for the ViaScreens protector.

Here the link to ViaScreens:

Here is a video of how I installed it

and photos … :slight_smile:

Edit: Add more pictures


@Whe3zy I add pictures from the top of the phone !

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When you buy a screen protector, you ask yourself if it will really help …

Here is the answer … in my case :slight_smile:

Picked up the L5 early in the morning and the headphones got stuck, the L5 turned out of my hand and flew against a handle… At first I didn’t dare to look under the foil, but everything was fine.


Thanks for posting that. I’m off to order my protector.

Which one did you buy out of the many options they have?