Screen replacement process Librem 14

I noticed an imprint of part of my keyboard on my screen, which manifested as a lit-up section when dark scenes were shown on the display. Not that any of them will admit it, but it is possible that one of my children trod on it when it was on the floor beside my bed. Anyway, that’s my working theory.

I contacted Purism support and for the third time, they are excellent (one was to replace the keyboard on a secondhand librem 13, the second was my original Librem 14 which had a display QC issue). Support promptly replaced the whole unit when the first issue happened, but since this time it was likely due to trauma, I purchased a new display. That was not cheap, but this is a boutique computer after all. I just went into that detail because occasionally I read accounts of lousy support, but that has never been my experience. Mladen has been prompt, useful and courteous the whole time.

Anyway, now my question, I watched the Librem 14 tear-down videos several times. From what I can see in part 2, I don’t need to remove the motherboard to replace the screen, right? Apart from disconnecting the battery and draining the power with the power button, it seems that I just need to disconnect the main display ribbon cable on the right and the black and grey wires on the left with two press-stud connectors, which I imagine to be the camera connection, then unscrew the three screws, with the monitor open and supported, then install the new display. Is that correct?



Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: Especially Mladen will appreciate it a lot!

Concerning display replacement, yes, the process you describe is pretty much correct. Really important is to remove the battery before disconnecting the FPC of the LCD. For some reason there are always powered pins on the connector and removing the FPC would for sure cause a short.

Taking out the FPC is quite easy, just open the (black) leaver and then carefully first pull the cable up a bit and then you can retract and pull it out. Mounting the new is the same just in reverse.

The two thin cables on the other side are the antenna cables connected to the WiFi card.



Wow thanks for the Insta-reply!

I don’t know what FPC stands for, but I presume it’s the display ribbon cable. Antenna cables were my second guess for those two wires - they look the same in the MacBook Pro. Now that was an extremely complicated fix. If my daughter drops her MB and then drops her phone onto its screen again, I’ll disown her!

Oh one last question: should I use some blue locktite for the hinge screws?

Ah, yeah, sorry, FPC is Flex Printed Circuit or FFC (Flat Foil Cable). This is this flat end that goes into the wide connector.

Concerning Locktite, well, it can not hurt to use a bit (and please the type that can be loosened again :wink: but from my experience it is not seriously needed as long as you tighten the screws firmly (not too much of course).



The screen arrived yesterday and it was super easy to replace. All good now. Thanks again for the support. It’s criminal how difficult Apple makes it to replace their MacBook screens. This took me about 10 minutes. The MBP took about 45.