Screen reselution problem. Wont recognize monitor

Im a new comer to Linux. I installed PureOS on my desktop with a TV as monitor, when PureOS runs it puts my screen reselution at 480 x 640 and says unknown monitor, with no reselution options. Now the windows ARE HUGE! hard to navigate and run. Some times I cant get the Go, Run etc. button at the bottom of the window. I noticed at start up it says has problem with Radeon graphics (AMD) found the Linux driver ( but wont install HOW DO I FIX?

Having a similar problem, except no display what ever need help to figure how to set up start display. Let me know if you find an answer.

I definitely will, I’ve basically stopped using Pure OS because of this problem. May uninstall if I can find a resolution.

PureOS is FSF endorsed, fully free GNU/Linux operating system, it does not contain any proprietary/non-free drivers/firmware that some devices (like radeon graphic cards) require to function (properly or at all).

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On my Librem 13v2 it seems to not support resolutions above 1920x1080 on my 4k monitor. Will that change sometime?