Screen reselution problem. Wont recognize monitor


Im a new comer to Linux. I installed PureOS on my desktop with a TV as monitor, when PureOS runs it puts my screen reselution at 480 x 640 and says unknown monitor, with no reselution options. Now the windows ARE HUGE! hard to navigate and run. Some times I cant get the Go, Run etc. button at the bottom of the window. I noticed at start up it says has problem with Radeon graphics (AMD) found the Linux driver ( but wont install HOW DO I FIX?


Having a similar problem, except no display what ever need help to figure how to set up start display. Let me know if you find an answer.


I definitely will, I’ve basically stopped using Pure OS because of this problem. May uninstall if I can find a resolution.


PureOS is FSF endorsed, fully free GNU/Linux operating system, it does not contain any proprietary/non-free drivers/firmware that some devices (like radeon graphic cards) require to function (properly or at all).


On my Librem 13v2 it seems to not support resolutions above 1920x1080 on my 4k monitor. Will that change sometime?