Screen resolution Librem 5

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while there is a topic already regarding the screen size (Librem 5 Screen size; Is the screen size too big?) there is not yet a topic on the resolution.

I thought that somewhere in the past there was a text on the librem 5 campaign page that stated that the screen resolution will be at least hd, but when searching now I don’t find anything.
The Devkit tells hardware specs and where they differ from the librem 5 end result ( and states “720×1440 resolution” without any text that this differs from the librem 5.

My personal hope was to have a FullHD Display. Yes I know, this little Screen size - you won’t see any pixel… or do you? I know this project is about a different thing - having a free / libre phone and I am really enthusiastic about that. My assumption from this would be, that the librem 5 would have a “720×1440 resolution”. The newest news ( also shares that the librem 5 and dev kit share the same spec.

Did I miss out anything? Is the resolution less important as it’s more important to have a good glass front? Or the kind of display? (e.g. the iphone 7 display looks a lot better than the samsung galaxy s3)

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i also remember to habe reed the hd things some were. But i‘m pretty sure they meent 720p and said it might will be full hd. I quite sure of this because it seams
pretty common to sell 720p as hd, but my personal undersanding is hd = 1080p so i have a habit of double checking if i read hd somewere. For me this selling of 720 feels like a scam but it‘s pobably my false undersandig.

Apart from that i think 720 x 1440 is okay. 282.45 PPI is okay less than retina iphone (4/5/6/7/8 non plus) but 1080p on 5.7 woud be 423.68 PPI which is unnecessary high in my popinion. The type of display(differns IPS and OLED techhs) matters much more. Nice colores, good brightness and angels stability are really more important on phones in my opinion, as there viewing consitions are so different.

An other point might be the battery consumption. Screens take a big part of the power consumtion and more resultion generally means higher power consumtion. Depenting on the technologie the screen it self consumes more power and also the gpu has to do more work higher res. So this might also be a dession made on power consumtion .

I think the conventional definition is
HD - 720p
Full HD - 1080p
Ultra HD - 2160p (usually called 4k)

That is what I had in my head anyway, and what is suggested by Wikipedia:

So calling 720p HD is valid

Me too. I’d love to have a FHD screen instead of HD. I remember seeing the screen will be FHD somewhere.
Although the screen isn’t the selling point of the Librem5. It will still be a nice addition (And it will be handy for playing videos. If we can the the hardware decoder going)