Screen type on L5usa

Not the first time I ask this question but because I didn’t receive an educated answer from the people in charge:
The L5usa has a

  1. Hardened glass screen?,
  2. Gorilla 123456 screen?,
  3. Plastic screen?
    Nice to know, so arrangements can be made before the magic machine arrives.
    Sorry for ringing the bell so loud!

AFAIK it’s hardened glass, but without a brand stamped on it.


Thank you!

Nice that Librem 5 has a hardened glass, but this hardened it just for protect cracks, not scratches, it is best to quickly protect the screen with screen protector.
Not even gorillas-glass it protecting from scratches.

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That is why I wrote making arrangements.
Any suggestions for a screen protector that fits the L5usa?

This has a plus for Antiglare feature:

This has a plus for Privacy feature:

Thank you again.