Screenshot keyboard shortcut not working

When I use the screenshot app, everything works fine. When I use a keyboard shortcut to make a screenshot, it appears to work, but I can’t find it in the Pictures folder or anywhere on the computer for that matter. Do the keyboard shortcuts save the screenshot to a different folder or is there some kind of bug? Many thanks.

Laptop or phone? I assume the former but …

Sorry that wasn’t clear - Laptop - Librem 14

What key combination are you typing? Does it make the camera click noise when you use that key combination?

I’ve set up my own shortcut and yes, I see the cross hairs and it seems to flash like it is taking a screenshot, but I can’t find the file. Very odd.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when I take the screenshot with the keyboard shortcut, it flashes like it is taking the screenshot, but does not bring up the image and ask me where to save it. When I take it with the Screenshot app in Utilities, it does bring up the image and ask me where to save it.

For anyone with this issue, I figured out that the problem was that the keyboard shortcut was saving the screenshot to my clipboard instead of to my Pictures folder.

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