SD/MMC Card Not Recognized on Librem 15v3

I checked lsusb, lspci, as well as gnome-disks and lsblk; the SD card doesn’t show up at all. I was able to see it on my Librem 13v2.

Also, only one of my USB 2.0 ports mounts the device (the one closest to me); the other has power, but the device never shows up when I run lsblk.

This is resolved now; I checked dmidecode, and my Libream 15v3 had the image for the Librem 13v2; once I reflashed coreboot, all of the ports worked.


are your USB3 ports working?

On my Librem 15v3 everything what I have tested works fine, with exception of the USB3 ports on the right side. I have the newest coreboot installed