Seahorse keyrings directory


is this the folder that holds the keyring information for passwords ?

what is the CLI command to back-up this keyring ? the default one is called ‘Login’ and is auto-unlocked when the user logs in the desktop environment. are the other custom-named password keyrings that the user creates stored in the same dir ?

Looks like it.

cp ?

OK, it’s a fair question. It isn’t always obvious

a) what conditions need to be met before it is safe to back up some file with arbitrary, opaque format
b) whether a vanilla copy of the file is adequate to back it up

In the spirit of Linux, you can do your own testing and checking before you commit too much real information to the keyring.

Straight off, I can see that each keyring contains its own name (bad?!) so that means that if you use cp to make a backup then it might be that the copy can only be restored by restoring it to the same original name and the copy might not be usable under the name of the copy.

Of course you can download the source, understand how it all works and then formulate your own answers - but few people have the time for that.

why do i get the impression that not many of you like Seahorse and it’s implementation ? :slight_smile: i’ve asked here since it comes bundled by default in PureOS and so new-users might use it not knowing it’s limitations… like i’ve discovered when i was about to do a clean install and i had to back-up …

I use it. I don’t dislike it.