Second external Monitor not detected / detectable

Hello, I’m running PureOS on Dell Optiplex with a dedicated graphics card. Despite the card having two video outputs, PureOS will only use one at a time. Ubuntu on EXACTLY the same hardware was able to “see” and use both monitors. Any tips for how to resolve this are appreciated. Thanks!

nVidia? AMD?

Is this a desktop or a laptop? (Perhaps equivalently is this two displays in total or three displays in total?)

Use Ubuntu?

That is a serious suggestion. This functionality likely relies on a proprietary driver or a firmware blob. That driver / firmware blob won’t be available with PureOS.

(For nVidia) When booted into Ubuntu you can at least check whether it is using the open source nouveau driver or the proprietary nVidia driver.

So as I see it you have three options

  1. Use an impure distro, like Ubuntu
  2. Make PureOS into ImPureOS by getting the needed nasty bits.
  3. Sacrifice the hardware.

There may be other options but more information would be needed.

On one computer I use Ubuntu with an nVidia graphics card and it is hard enough keeping that working, never mind about trying to be “pure” as well.

FWIW, you don’t need a dedicated graphics card to have two displays in total but it may depend on the age of the hardware. Which is?