Second hand laptop

What would be a good practice when buying a second hand laptop?
Should the TPM, the BIOS or the OS be cleaned? Is there a way to make a “factory reset”?

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TPM - yes, reset to factory default (if there is a TPM)
BIOS - that would be keen but, yes, you should reflash it
OS - that goes without saying always for all laptops ever - you should reinstall the operating system i.e. wipe entire disk and install from scratch

The yes answer was pretty expected. :smile:

I pushed esc at boot for the SeaBIOS menu, then t for TPM configuration.

The current state of the TPM is:
    Enabled and active
    Ownership has not been taken
    A user can take ownership of the TPM

Available options are:
 d. Disable the TPM
 v. Deactivate the TPM
 p. Prevent installation of an owner

I’m afraid to go further without documentation. All I could find is “What is TPM and do I need it?” but that doesn’t answers the question (despite the title) and doesn’t help for configuration.

Yes, that’s the hard part.

If I had a Librem Key, I had to choose PureBoot.
As I don’t, I must flash Coreboot. But Coreboot is an initializer which requires a payload, like SeaBIOS, Tianocore, GRUB2, Linux or Heads.

  • Going for Heads is like reinventing what Purism does very well but with my own key instead of the Librem one. Does Purism Pureboot support SoloKeys or Signet keys?
  • Going for Linux might make very fast boot at the price of flexibility.
  • Going for GRUB2 might help a multiboot but is it required at the BIOS level? May I setup a dualboot for Linux and BSD by another way?
  • Going for Tianocore brings an UEFI implementation but is it useful if I can immediately load GRUB?
  • Going for SeaBIOS seems the best option as it’s fast, still flexible and is the option used by Purism.

Maybe am I trying to slice an hair in 4? Especially since I need to find all the required firmwares, etc. from scratch. Fortunately Purism’s Coreboot is available ready for use.

Pure OS download and instructions are here: and

I also opened the case to check for an “additional” hardware (and above all because I’m curious). This brought me a new question: the HDD seems requiring a caddie or some kind of holder with 2 screw holes close to the SD/MMC port. Where is it possible to find one?

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Yes. That’s the safe, supported option. That’s what you will get, I believe, if you use the Purism-provided shell script to do the flashing and you don’t choose PureBoot.

Where did you get this second-hand laptop? From Purism or private sale?

Private. ebay.

I can’t specifically answer your question about the HDD but you should mention what model (13 or 15) and version you have; and it may help to mention what kind of disk is currently in there (if any).

You could always post a photo of what you are looking at.

Many people these days are going NVMe (in new computers anyway) and an NVMe drive will typically require a single screw.

It’s a Librem 15 v4. The system is on an NVMe. Aside of it is a SATA connector and some empty space obviously for an HDD.

Here : Purism HDD/SSD Mounting Kit