Secondary Librem Power source

Has anyone had any success in finding a secondary power cord for their Librem?
I’m looking for a lighter weight version of the OEM one that comes from Purism.
The specs are 19V 3.42A but I can’t find info on the proper tip that plugs into the device.
On Amazon, there are aftermarket vendors that offer multiple exchangeable tips to fit most laptop brands. Maybe if someone knows if Librems share a power source similar to a big brand vendor, that would be helpful too.

I just bought the proper (IIRC 5.5mm) tip with a little wire coming off of it, and soldered it on to a 19V power supply I already had. Works great. I have a smaller one like this:

That I carry around with me. Doesn’t charge as fast, but facilitates wrapping up the cable and is smaller and lighter. I think 5.5x2.5 is correct but you should check size and polarity.

Fantastic, thank you. I know the tip is the “tuning fork” style, as opposed to the one that has the pin in the middle. The ring is (-) and the pin is (+).
It also seems that the amperage is controlled by the tip as well.

I am not sure what you mean by “the amperage is controlled by the tip”, but that doesn’t sound correct to me.

Pretty much any 5.5x2.5 tip should work just fine. Max amperage determined by the transformer and associated electronics, I think.

I’m sure you’re right. For each tip, the specs for voltage and amperage is listed. It probably refers to the typical power requirements of the device that uses that tip. The LVSUN universal power adapter that I got from Amazon also has 2 USB ports which is very convenient